• Convenience of Location
  • Security and Safety
  • Time is of the Essence

This is a useful alternate form of counselling for many patients, especially those who are busy, have mobility problems, or are frequent travellers who may not have time to arrange frequent in-person appointments.

Telephonic counselling is also an excellent way to receive immediate assistance and offer more security and privacy to patients who may be otherwise uncomfortable with seeking assistance. Patients are advised that telephonic counselling is not a perfect or long-term substitute for in-person counselling, but is a good alternative in some cases.

Telephonic Counselling Process
  1. Call the phone number or make an appointment below.
  2. The counsellor will discuss the details about the service and will make sure if this is the appropriate form of service required in your particular case.
  3. You will need to fill out the *consent forms prior to the online session.
  4. Pay for the service in advance through e-transfer.
  5. Find a comfortable, private place to conduct your online session. Locate some comfortable headphones for optimal sound quality during your call.
  6. Relax and get ready to meet with your counsellor in the comfort of your home.

*Please note that any additional consent forms for children or family/couples counselling must be completed and submitted prior to booking your appointment.

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